Mobile Hairdresser Christchurch

Need a mobile hairdresser based in Christchurch?

Look no further!

Identafi Mobile Hairdresser will come to you either at your home business or wherever you need your hair needs taken care off.  We also have two studios that you can come too, one in Wairakei Road or one in New Brighton.

Why use a Mobile Hairdresser?

Mobile hairdressing offers clients many more advantages than the traditional hair salon ever could.

BUSY SCHEDULE: Our lives become increasingly more hectic, there is less and less time available to be able to simply take a few hours out of your day and visit a hairdressing salon. Often it’s difficult to get time off work and though most salons offer a late night opening service, those nights are fully booked well in advance because, of course, everyone who works wants an after work appointment!

CHILDREN/BABYSITTING: And that’s not taking into account the problems of what to do if you have kids. You either have to find someone to mind them, or drag them along to the salon with you. This may not be such a big problem if you’re simply having a quick trim and tidy up, but if you’re planning on a new hairstyle or having your hair coloured then the kids will soon become bored and restless.

SAVE TIME: No more dashing about to get to the salon on time, no more wondering what to do with the kids. Instead, the hairdresser comes to you and more often than not at a time that suits you.

MORE VERSATILITY: they are not tied to using and recommending branded hair products dictated usually by the amount of commission the salon owner receives. If you have a particular preference for a certain brand of shampoo, your mobile hairdresser can use it freely. Recommendations are based on what is best for the individual customer, not on what pays the highest commission.

MORE INTIMATE CLIENT/STYLIST RELATIONSHIP: Your stylist can customize your hair care plan based on your lifestyle, hobbies and interests. Not to mention you medical history because they actually know who you are and what you like.

Identafi Mobile Hairdresser

Identafi Hairdresser had been a Christchurch Hair Salon in business for about 10 years operating out of the Shades Arcade in Cashel Street, owned and operated by Lance Stephenson. After February 22nd Earthquake the hair salon unfortunately was inside the cordon and in March 2012 the building was demolished hence….

Christchurch people are wonderful survivors and have adapted to new ways of operating businesses in Christchurch now and Identafi Mobile Hairdresser is just another example of a business adapting. Lance is a fully mobile hairdresser so can come to you at your location or if you prefer you can come to our one of our 2 studios.

Lance has been hairdressing for 28 years and is an excellent stylist and can do anything from cutting, colouring, foils, and streaks and uses Loreal Professional hair products. His wonderful sense of humour will make his visit entertaining and come out with a great new cut or colour!!!

So call him now on 03 3799 567 or 0276902839 and he will make an appointment for you or click here to make an enquiry.