Hair Serum

Hair Serum – How do they work?

Hair Serum, unlike oils, that penetrate the hair cuticles and make changes, hair serum, made up of silicon coats only the surface of the hair, making it reflect light and look shiny. A hair serum also protects hair from external factors like heat, humidity, dust making it more manageable.  Most serums require only a small amount to be used, even on long hair.L’oreal Professionnel Hair Serum

Who can use a hair serum?

When hair serums were initially launched, they were believed to be used only by people with dry and frizzy hair, as it helps heal their hair the most. But later, new users for hair serums were also identified. Now, they are also used on straight or wavy hair for a straighter and sleeker look and shine. Since serums help reduce the adverse effects of heat styling, they can be used by people who style their hair often.

The L’oreal Professionnel Tecni Art Liss Control is one of the best serums in the market. It’s a quality product, which is an important thing considering the fact that using sun-standard products is a sure-fire way to damage hair permanently. This serum has a feather light, water-soluble formula that doesn’t weigh down your hair or make it look greasy or oily. Specially designed to treat dry, frizzy hair the L’oreal Professionnel hair serum is the answer to calls of millions of women fighting frizz and low quality products. Frizz is kept out of your hair altogether and hair gets a new shine, smoothness and manageability never experienced before. This serum can also be used to keep fly always at bay. The transparent bottle helps keep track of how much product is being used, the locking and unlocking pattern also makes it travel friendly. Just rub a little between palms, apply on towel dried hair and you’re good to go, style as needed and see the transformation right in front of you!