Identafi Mobile Hairdresser

Lance has been my hairdresser for the last 10 years. I loved going to the salon on a late night or Saturday for a chat and a wine, it’s even better now that he is mobile because I don’t have to try and find a park and we still have a wine and a chat at home. Haircuts have become very social in my house now by organising the girls around for a catch up and a haircut, EASY! I have grown my hair to halfway down my back for my wedding, to now shaved the sides and spiky top. Lance has great skills with colour and styles, he takes me out of my comfort zone, styles my hair to suit my face and keep me looking young and funky. I highly recommend Lance! – Arna McLeod

Lance is a wonderful hairdresser and has been mine for over 20 years.  He is wonderful at what he does and I would recommend him to anyone.  Be prepared for a great hairstyle and a really good laugh!! – Jo Ward

Lance is amazing! He always has fresh ideas and advice to give on what he could do with my hair to make it fabulous when I moan about wanting a change. The cut and colour is always spot on and I always feel great after he has finished. I have been going to Lance for years now and I recommend him to anyone I know. – Charlotte Lamb

Lance has been getting my hair and also my children’s for many (many many) years. He puts up with my constant requests for change and ” what about this ? Or this?” Is very flexible and accommodating on dates and times. Love the mobile service. – Sue Fletcher

Lance is amazing! He has been our family hairdresser for years and hopefully many more to come There’s nothing more convenient than having a hair cut and colour in the comfort of your own home and letting the kids run wild at the same time. Lance has transformed my hair from a dark brown to a gorgeous blonde and fixed a crazy bright blue self inflicted blunder along the way. Always a fun time getting our hair done, look forward to the next school holidays – Gemma Jonker

I have had my hair done by Lance at Identafi for many years! From days in the Shade through the earthquake times and now out at Olivia’s I have always had a great cut and colour and a good chat with Lance whilst I’m there. I would absolutely recommend him to new customers if you want a good cut, colour and a great laugh whilst your there. – Dallas Hoskin

I have been having my hair colour and cut by Lance at Identafi for years, even before this when he was in the Salon in Shades Arcade. It is always entertaining when Lance is visiting with the conversations held. Knowing a great hairdresser is half the job. Knowing how many cups of coffee etc he gets offered in a day to what he can drink is a great laugh. If he groomed animals then I would get him to do that too. Writing this reminds me to make an appointment to get hair cut.Pam Jarman

Lance is always on time, we usually have a gang of kids getting hair done and an adult or two. We always happy with the new hair styles, convenience and price. – Camille Jackson

Lance is great and has cut my hair for ages! Initially in Hereford St and now with his mobile service. So easy to make an appointment by text and then have your haircut at home and a chat. Always on time and really reasonable price. – Melanie Stevenson