Mobile Hairdressing

* Do you have kids and find it hard getting to a hair salon?

* Do you work full time and salons are either fully booked at evenings?

* Is the hassle of negotiating Christchurch streets and malls too much for you?

* Want to have the luxury of having your hair done in your own home?

Mobile hairdressing is just what you need….

It is a lot less stressful than running to the salon after your busy day at work to make your appointment in time, or trying to fit in a quick trim in between clients, or on your lunch break. Also, salon prices are a lot more expensive than mobile hairdressers as they don’t have all the overhead to pay, they just have their car, stock, wages and other outgoings to worry about, so by getting your hair done at home, you will also save a lot of money.

To make an appointment call Lance now on 03 3799 567 or 027 690 2839 or click here to make an enquiry.